Travel Insurance

Bridge Travels & Tours makes your travel with a more peace of mind either it is for business or for pleasure. Travel Insurance is critical in today’s volatile environment to protect yourself from uncertainties. Even the best planned travel arrangement can be effected by illness, medical emergency, lost of passport or language etc.

Bridge Travels & Tours provide an insurance plan that suits all:

  • Service Provided through renowned Insurance Companies
  • Medical Insurance through renowned Insurance Companies
  • Lost Travel Documents assistance
  • Lost Language assistance

Bridge Travels & Tours provide following Insurance plans

  • Travel Protection Plan Insurance of Every Ticket Purchased, Coverage in Air & at Airport, &. also covers during transit between place of residence to and from airport.
  • Student Insurance Plan We also provide insurance to students who pursue to study abroad, by utilizing the “Optional Tuition Assurance Program”, if God forbid the sponsor meets an unfortunate accidental death
  • Takaful Policy We also provide Takaful Policy as an alternative to conventional insurance program based on Shariah complaint named as “Takful” designed especially for Umarah & Hajj Pilgrims

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